Why pumps installed by GET WET are not stolen.

At Get Wet we work tirelessly to ensure that you have access to water for a lifetime. Beyond using Class 10 PVC Casing for boreholes that stand the test of time we always leave the pump safe from burglary and vandalism using steel and concrete as outlined below:

  1. The  area around the PVC casing is excavated and a lockable steel casing is inserted and set into concrete.
  2. A concrete slab is built around the steel casing.
  3. Brick walls are built on the concrete slab to create a sump.
  4. The pump is installed using a lockable cover which is locked. The padlock is not visible from above and cannot be removed unless an angle grinder is used to cut open the locked cover.
  5. A concrete slab is placed above the sump.
  6. The sump is then covered with soil or paving.


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