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Get Wet Drilling was privileged to be commissioned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Zimbabwe to drill boreholes and install pumps in the Tafara suburb of North-Eastern Harare.

This high density suburb is poorly served by Municipal water reticulation services and underground water resources are limited due to unfavourable geology and a declining water table caused by increasing demand. Wells and boreholes in this area tend to be shallow and are often seasonal as the Granites are prevalent.

Credit is due to underground water surveyors Elaine Leach and Wiston Mabika who managed to locate some useful water resources in this challenging environment.

A new hole drilled at Tafara no. 6 produced  prolific water at 44 metres. Due to this unexpected bonus it was decided that it would be worthwhile to erect a solar installation. The result has been encouraging so far.

And happy residents….
Clean Water
Lovely clean water.
Full Water tanks
Full tanks on a cloudy day!
New Bush pump
New bush pump at Tafara no. 5 installed on a fairly prolific site
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